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Infant Mortality Prevention
Infant Mortality Prevention

Infant mortality continues to be a serious issue in Ohio, despite recent improvements. From 2016 to 2017, the last available data, the number of infant deaths decreased from 1,024 to 982 statewide, with the leading cause being premature births. While this represents a decrease, racial disparity continues to be an issue in Ohio.

The state as a whole has been committed to reducing this number. The Trust Fund, in particular, has tackled this issue through raising awareness about safe sleep practices to prevent sleep-related deaths. Through these efforts, the number of sleep-related deaths in Ohio has been reduced, but this remains vital education for parents, caregivers and professionals.

As an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect, the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund is passionate about helping to reduce — or eliminate — preventable causes of infant mortality so that all children get the chance to grow up happy, healthy, and safe. The Trust Fund prioritizes infant mortality prevention as a key initiative.

How the Initiative is Put Into Action

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund partners with the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and other organizations to prioritize:

  • Safe Sleep — The Trust Fund has worked with Ohio AAP and hospital systems to spread safe sleep injury screening tools, promote safe sleep facts, educate parents and professionals about safe sleep best practices, and distribute sleep sacks to promote safe sleep practices.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome — The Trust Fund worked with partners to promote awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome and prevention, and to distribute board books about Shaken Baby Syndrome to Ohio families to help educate parents.
  • Physician Education – The Trust Fund has worked with Ohio AAP and other partners to promote child abuse and neglect prevention awareness and education within early child medical care facilities, such as pediatrician offices and birthing hospitals.  The primary goal of this education is to provide physicians and medical staff with tools to identify and address parents in need of additional support.

How You Can Have an Impact

If you want to help make an impact, please consider donating to the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund. Your donation can help support programs and services to prevent infant mortality — and much more. 

Every dollar you donate can help save the life of an infant in Ohio. Learn more about how your donation can help.