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Funding Success Stories

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund provides over $4 million in funding each year to programs and services to prevent child abuse and neglect and child trafficking, reduce infant mortality, and promote safe sleep practices.

These programs help make a difference in the lives of Ohio children by strengthening families, providing parents with resources and support, training professionals, and raising awareness about these important issues in our state.

Each funding opportunity has its own requirements for success, but we wanted to offer these stories as examples of programs that strongly aligned with our mission and were thoughtful in how they attempted to solve a problem.

Youth Human Trafficking Prevention Program

A group that provides behavioral health services to children and teens came to us with a funding proposal for a variety of human trafficking prevention programs for youth and professionals.

They wanted to offer:

  • Body Awareness and Safety Education for children and teens to help minors recognize and talk about unsafe situations, which can help prevent sex trafficking.
  • Training for professionals in juvenile justice, schools, health care, and social service nonprofits on understanding child development; learning about the realities of child trafficking and the vulnerabilities children and teens face; education about human trafficking laws and interviewing skills.

This was a successful funding application for several reasons.

  • It aligned with the Trust Fund’s current initiatives.
  • The group collaborated with other community organizations to offer the programs.
  • They provided services directly to children, parents, and professionals.
  • They recognized potential obstacles to participation in their programs and offered flexible solutions, such as scheduling sessions at different times on weekends and during the week.

The group was also able to demonstrate that their programs had an effect and that the knowledge of children, teens, parents, and professionals increased because of the educational components.

Safe Sleep Program

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has worked for several years with a statewide organization to raise awareness about safe sleep practices. We have provided funding to this organization to:

  • Do marketing and outreach to promote awareness of Safe Sleep through a variety of channels, including social media; TV, radio, and print media; and nonprofit and faith-based organizations.
  • Develop new Safe Sleep messaging based on research and implement that messaging with families and pediatricians.
  • Implement Safe Sleep screenings.

The marketing campaign included community events, toolkits for community organizations, legislators, and the media, as well as giveaways and distribution of sleep sacks to help raise awareness and promote Safe Sleep practices.

The program also included a plan for how research would be conducted to develop Safe Sleep messaging, and how that research would be reported.

This program was successful because:

  • It aligned with the Trust Fund’s current initiatives.
  • It had actionable, detailed plans for how the funding would be used.

Apply for Funding Opportunities

These organizations are just two of many that the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund supports each year. If your organization wants to help make an impact for Ohio families, consider applying for an open funding opportunity.

You can better understand whether your program might be a good fit with our mission by reading more about “How the OCTF Decides What to Fund”. We also recommend reading these “Tips for Successful Grant Proposals” before submitting your application.