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Western Ohio Everyday Ohio Hero

Sharon Fenton

Sharon Fenton was a caseworker at our agency, Allen County Children Services, for 16 years. She found her niche in working with teenagers who can be the hardest children to reach. Her position as Community Advocate placed her in a role where she worked with teens. Sharon just had a way with them. It didn't take her long to establish a rapport followed by trust. Soon after, they would be looking to Sharon for advice, guidance, help and as a confidant. Sharon didn't just come to work each day to fulfill her job as a caseworker, she saw her role as much more than that. Sharon loved the teens on her caseload, and nothing gave her more joy than seeing them succeed. Sharon treated them as if they were her own children. She often attended important events in their lives such as graduations. Many stayed in contact with her as adults. 

Sharon passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 14, 2020 after a sudden illness. Her death has been hard for her coworkers and equally hard for some of the children whose lives she touched. We cannot think of a better person to posthumously honor with the Everyday Hero Award. Please give Sharon Fenton special consideration for the many children she helped and the lives she changed for the better.