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Jerri Rednour

Jerri is a loving grandmother who provided kinship care for her two grandsons when their home life was interrupted. Jerri provides a safe, loving and supportive home for her grandchildren. Kinship care is often an unexpected situation for grandparents brought upon by unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. What is extraordinary is when grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loving adults step up to care for these children without hesitation. Jerri's support of kinship care in Ohio doesn't end with her own individual experience. Jerri as learned and grew from her experience which has driven a passion to provide support to other adult’s providing kinship care. Jerri has helped others navigate through the court system and provide community resources that improves children's well-being, improves family function and supports these other kin caregivers. Jerri is an inspiration, not just for how she has stepped up for her own family, but for her support of other kinship caregivers in the state of Ohio.