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Southeast Ohio Everyday Ohio Hero

Hocking County Help Me Grow (HV)

They have been compared to guardian angels. They've been called "best friend, teacher, cheerleader, greatest support, family" and referred to as "my second mom." The women who provide home visiting in Hocking County have changed the trajectory of lives for both parent and child. They have supported young families in learning how to bond with each other, love one another and thrive in the midst of chaos. They work to teach new parents how to live their best lives and to be healthy, independent family units. They set parents and children up for success when others have given up on them. They see the beauty in each family, no matter its uniqueness. 

They know they can make a positive difference in the life a child if they can meet a struggling mother on her level to pull her up to be an excellent caregiver. They never give up, no matter how hard the circumstances get, because they know that they are helping to raise up these children into healthy and happy adults. Because of the work they do and the efforts they pour into each family they see, children are being lifted up, supported with the love and care that can only come from family. You will not find more caring, hardworking and dedicated staff then those of the Hocking County Help Me Grow Home Visiting Program. These women do this, not because it’s a job, but because it means something. They know the true value of being an Everyday Hero to a child. They don’t do it for the recognition; they do it because it matters in our community and our world. I am awestruck to see the impact they have on the children in this county. Their legacy is a generation of children and families who know the value of kindness, respect and love.