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Lindsay Stormer

Lindsay goes above and beyond with her position in working with children, their families, and their teachers. Lindsay empowers adults to learn about their strengths and use their strengths to help encourage more growth in areas where they need more support. Lindsay has worked extensively with families to teach them strategies they can practice and implement during times of stress and overwhelming feelings, she has been available to her families when they are in moments of needing support, and she constantly empathizes with them and helps them grow and move forward by learning from their experiences. 

Especially during the pandemic that has created heightened emotions, barriers, and uncertainties, Lindsay has worked safely around the pandemic measures to allow her families to contact her so she can talk with them and virtually see how things are going. By being available to other families, Lindsay is able to help them problem solve in the moment and practice the learned skills with reinforcement. This helps the parents learn how to process through stressful times in a healthy manner. Lindsay talks through situations with her families and gives personalized examples of how to say something or how to process through a situation safely and effectively for the benefit of everyone involved. Lindsay connects with team members and community partners to gain additional knowledge on community services that are available to her families and then shares this information with her families, so they have support in areas of other needs. Lindsay is very passionate in giving her families tools to empower them and strengthen their skills with the goal of transitioning forward using these skills.