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Rachel Workinger

Rachel works tirelessly advocating for and providing a high level of Independent Living (IL) services for the youth and young adults on her caseload. This is a population that does not trust easily and will hold you to your word. Rachel has numerous young adults that continue to work YAS (Young Adult Services) voluntary cases with her for the maximum amount of time allowed (currently 21 yrs old).

She creates and teaches IL classes and events that are both engaging and informative and has adapted these on the fly to video during the pandemic. She is often one of the few if not only consistent and appropriate support for the young adults that have emancipated so she has been taking them to counseling, food pantries and other necessary appointments even during the pandemic. She's been very creative in maintaining contact with youth such as sending them cards every week during the initial lockdown as she knew the youth in residential settings were struggling with never leaving the facilities. Rachel is a fierce advocate for IL Youth and young adults, and she does an incredible job trying to prepare them as much as possible for life as an adult.