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Mom Power

Mom Power is a short-term, trauma-informed attachment-based parenting and self-care group intervention for high-risk mothers of young children. The program was developed for mothers with histories of trauma, to address the need for a targeted, multimodal intervention that aims to reduce caregivers’ mental health symptoms, enhance sensitive and nurturing parenting, and promote balanced, positive attributions toward their children and their own parenting style.. 

The Cleveland MOM Power team has done extensive research with 100 plus women, 70 women completing pre and post data, demonstrating reductions in depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, parenting stress, and improvements in protective factors such as social connectedness and parenting knowledge after the 10-week group.  The results show that the program is responsive to the needs of low-income, trauma-exposed mothers with young children. 

Mom Power strives to increase treatment engagement with an integrated focus on self-care/mental health and parenting competence, while at the same time facilitating social support and access to care. Mom Power aims to give mothers the tools to create positive child experiences by strengthening the parent-child relationship. The key principles of Mom Power are safety, trust building, enhancing self-efficacy through empowerment and skill-building around self-care, problem-solving, emotion regulation, and parenting. The Cleveland MOM Power team is truly working to prevent abuse and neglect in our community.