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Karee Stemm

Karee Stemm grew up in Ohio's foster care system, as she was removed from her birth family by Muskingum County Children Services. Due to having a birth family that was impacted by drug addiction, she was a very independent and self-sufficient child, who struggled with accepting authority and parental figures in her life. 

I know this firsthand, as Karee was placed in a foster home that I managed. At 14 years of age she left her foster home and was adopted by another family in Muskingum County, who raised her into adulthood. As a young adult, like many children who have experienced childhood trauma, Karee made many poor decisions, which could have had an extremely negative impact on her life. Through her own perseverance and the support of both her prior foster parent and adoptive parents, Karee attended college and became a licensed social worker. 

She began her career in the clinical field, but in 2018 returned to foster care as a Foster Care Coordinator for Journey Home Foster Care. Karee's unique experiences have led her to become an amazing social worker with a personal understanding and perspective of both the foster parent and the foster child. This unique ability has assisted her in helping many families and children in care, and when youth make statements like "you don't understand," she is able to respond with "I completely understand," as she does know exactly how they are feeling.