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Physicians' Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Doctors and medical professionals are on the front lines of child abuse and neglect prevention. When they are well-trained to recognize and talk to families about the risk factors for child abuse and neglect, they can help prevent future instances and save children from harm.

As one of its current statewide initiatives, the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund supports the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in providing prevention training to physicians so that they have a common set of best practices for preventing child abuse and neglect.

About the Training

Ohio AAP is using medical experts to develop the training to prepare providers to discuss difficult infant and early childhood safety topics, and to counsel parents on making appropriate behavior changes.

The training takes the form of a Continuing Medical Education presentation on Child Injury, Abuse, and Neglect for pediatricians throughout the state. This presentation includes four in-person trainings and covers key topics related to child health and safety:

In addition, Ohio AAP is providing statewide awareness, including social media and press releases, for Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September), Gun Safety Awareness Month (October), and Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness Month (April).

More About OCTF Initiatives

Physician training is just one of the child abuse and neglect prevention initiatives supported by the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund. To learn more about the other issues we’ve chosen as areas of important focus, please visit our Statewide Initiatives page.