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Current Initiatives

Along with pursuing its overall purpose to prevent child abuse and neglect, the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has selected some areas of special focus called initiatives. These are some of the ways the Trust Fund is currently working to make children safer and healthier in Ohio.

Human Trafficking Prevention of At-Risk Youth

Human trafficking is a growing problem nationwide, and children all too often are exploited through this insidious crime. Hundreds of human trafficking cases are reported in Ohio each year, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, with more than 25 percent of reported cases in 2017 involving minors.

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has prioritized human trafficking prevention as one of its current statewide initiatives. To learn more about how the Trust Fund partners with other organizations in Ohio to prevent human trafficking, visit our Human Trafficking Initiative page.

Infant Mortality

Infant mortality is another serious problem in Ohio and the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund prioritizes infant mortality prevention as a key initiative. An ongoing initiative involves teaching safe sleep practices as a way that can help parents avoid this tragedy.

To learn more about how the Trust Fund is working to keep infants safe and healthy in Ohio, visit the Infant Mortality Initiative page.

Physician Training

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has invested in training professionals throughout Ohio in awareness and best practices for preventing child abuse and neglect. Because physicians are often in the best position to see the signs of child abuse and neglect, the Trust Fund has chosen to take a special focus on the training of physicians in child abuse and neglect prevention as a key initiative.

To learn more about the Trust Fund's efforts, visit the Physicians' Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training Initiative page.

How You Can Help

If you want to support these initiatives and the other work the Trust Fund does, your donation is always appreciated. When you donate, your dollars go toward programs and services that help families in communities throughout Ohio — including yours.

Learn more about how your donation as an individual or business can help prevent child abuse and neglect.