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Self-Care for Busy Parents

Parents can feel pressure to give everything they can to their children, at the cost of their own personal needs.

However, since you are the foundation of the family, it’s important to take care of yourself to keep the family strong.

Making sure you are content and healthy will help you prevent burnout and will help you be a more effective parent.

Every parent should make an effort to fill these important needs:

  • Ongoing Learning – Take your children to the library, check out books for yourself, or enroll in a continuing education class or a creative arts workshop.
  • Emotional and Social – Emotional and social activities help you learn about yourself and relate better to others. Find a friend or relative to watch your children so you can spend some time alone or with your spouse. Keep a personal journal. Make a regular date to have fun with your friends.
  • Physical – Taking care of your body will help you be healthy and alert. Find an activity or exercise routine you enjoy, such as walking, bike riding or visiting the gym, and do it regularly. Also, make an effort to eat healthier foods.
  • Try “quick fixes,” like taking a bath with candles and music after the children are in bed, spending quiet time with your spouse, or enjoying a late meal with your favorite food.

You’ll find that by making time to value yourself and your needs, you are teaching your children how to do the same.