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Take Action
Take Action

Together We Give Them Strength

With the power of all of us working together to help strengthen families and protect children from abuse and neglect, anything is possible. Our goal is to connect every member of the community to the information they need to help prevent child abuse and neglect in our communities. No matter what your role is with children and families, we provide valuable resources to help you make a difference.

  • Most child abuse and neglect happens within the family. The majority of people that cause or allow the maltreatment of children are caregivers.


  • Prevention isn’t just a family issue. From volunteering time to supporting local schools to helping out a neighbor, every member of the community can take action to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Strengthening Family Bonds

From parents to siblings to aunts and uncles, family is a major foundation of support in our communities. Family members can help prevent abuse and
neglect by:

Supporting Those Who Work with Children & Encouraging Community Involvement

Professionals that work directly with families and children are often the first to recognize signs of child abuse and neglect. However, in our communities, every member has a role to play in helping children reach their full potential. And, when a whole community comes together to help strengthen families and protect children, anything is possible.

Supporting Family and Friends

From offering childcare to being a sympathetic ear, every day offers opportunities to positively impact children and families in the community.

Getting Involved in the Community

Help create the kind of safe healthy environments children deserve by volunteering, donating and supporting local schools.

Knowing the Warning Signs

The first step toward helping is knowing what to look for, such as a child who has recurrent unexplained injuries. Keep an eye out for children who seem withdrawn from family and peers or who are often late or absent from school.

Supporting Families and Children

As a person with regular contact with families and children, professionals can provide positive interactions and promote stable environments.

How to Report Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Any concerns should immediately be reported to the proper authorities, including Children’s Services, Local Police or by calling 855-OH-CHILD.