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Northeast Region Statistics

As part of the process for preparing its Regional Prevention Plan, the Northeast Ohio Regional Prevention Council performed a needs assessment to identify factors affecting child abuse and neglect in the region.

The Needs Assessment compiled data about child and family risk and protective factors in the region in order to identify the scope of the problem in Northeast Ohio and see where gaps in services exist. Once the Needs Assessment was complete, the Regional Prevention Council could develop a Prevention Plan to prioritize funding requests for programs to meet the identified needs.

Abuse & Neglect Reports in Northeast Ohio

A snapshot from the Northeast Ohio Regional Needs Assessment provides these numbers related to child abuse and neglect reports in the region as of 2016, the last year for which the work group could obtain report data.

  • Total Reports of Child Maltreatment — 26,287
  • Total Reports of Physical Abuse — 9,562
  • Total Reports of Neglect — 12,981
  • Total Reports of Medical Neglect — 512
  • Total Reports of Sexual Abuse — 1,959
  • Total Reports of Psychological or Emotional Maltreatment — 1,268
  • Total Substantiated Allegations — 4,618

The region and state of Ohio as a whole saw a decrease in the number of substantiated allegations over the period from 2012-2016.

However, it’s likely that many instances of child abuse and neglect go unreported. The federally-funded Fourth National Incidence Study (NIS) of Child Abuse and Neglect found that 2.5 times as many children are maltreated each year as are actually reported to Child Protective Service agencies, estimating one child in every 25 in the U.S. is maltreated.

Data in the Needs Assessment

For a full picture of factors affecting child abuse and neglect in Northeast Ohio, the Needs Assessment provides data and analysis related to:

  • Societal supports for vulnerable families
  • Family risk factors
  • Poverty in the region
  • Community factors and supports
  • Children with disabilities or behavioral challenges

Access the full Needs Assessment for a comprehensive view of the scope of the child abuse and neglect issue in Northeast Ohio.