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What Regional Prevention Councils Do

The Regional Prevention Council collaborative provides vital community resources.

The Trust Fund provides funding to each Regional Prevention Council, which is used to support programs and services in the region to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and child neglect. The Regional Prevention Council Coordinator implements and monitors the services for the region.

How Regional Prevention Councils Can Help You

Regional Councils meet a variety of needs in local communities. There may be something for you if you are:

  • Looking for a parenting class or other type of parenting support 
  • Looking for training opportunities as a professional who works with families 
  • Looking for funding opportunities for your prevention program 
  • Looking for data about the impact of child abuse and neglect in your region 
  • Looking for service providers in your community 
  • Looking for information regarding how you can get involved in supporting your community to better help Ohio families

The interactive map can help you find contact information, classes, events, grant opportunities, and more in your region.

Regional Prevention Council Contacts

Central Ohio

Kayla Zimpfer

Behavioral Health Community Liaison & Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Eastern Ohio

Stacey Fredrix

Project Coordinator, Child Abuse Prevention Services

The Center for Family Safety and Healing


Great Lakes Ohio

Stephanie Pennza

Coordinator, Community Outreach

Rainbow Injury Prevention Center

Stephanie.Pennza@UHhospitals.org Phone: (216) 983-1147

Northeast Ohio

Jackie Fewings 

Project Director

Stark County ESC


Phone: (330) 492-8136
Fax: (330) 491-9731

Northwest Ohio

Meliss Klorer, MRC

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Meliss_Klorer@mercy.com Office: (419) 251-2816
Fax: (419) 251-0506

Southeast Ohio

Southwest Ohio

Jolynn Hurwitz

Project Director

Butler County ESC



Western Ohio

Lizz Mahar

Senior Program Coordinator

Human Services Planning & Development - Montgomery County