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Prevent Child Abuse America — Ohio Chapter


The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund is proud to be the official Ohio chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. As such, it’s our role to represent this national nonprofit and its mission — which aligns perfectly with ours — in the state of Ohio.

What is Prevent Child Abuse America?

Prevent Child Abuse America is an organization that has been committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect since it was created in 1972.

Just like the Trust Fund, Prevent Child Abuse America envisions a world in which every child gets to grow up in a safe, healthy, and loving home. Also like us, Prevent Child Abuse America focuses its efforts on supporting programs and services that evidence has shown to be effective in preventing abuse and neglect, as well as outreach to advocate for good policy.

Our Involvement

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund became a provisional chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America in 2010. We believed that a partnership between our two organizations would benefit both because our purposes are virtually identical.

By 2012, we had been approved as a full chapter to represent the national nonprofit throughout Ohio.  In 2018, we were re-chartered as the Ohio Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

Prevent Child Abuse America provides up-to-date analysis of federal public policy related to the prevention of child abuse and neglect through advocacy updates and alerts, access to national prevention experts, and partnerships with several national organizations.

As the Ohio Chapter, we participate in activities like:

  • Collaborating with the national organization to raise awareness for National April Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Sharing information with our network about best practices in child abuse prevention
  • Participating in peer learning opportunities to gather information from other states pertaining to effective efforts to strengthen families

We’re excited to be a partner with this national organization. Together, we can provide the best possible chance for Ohio children and a great support network for parents and caregivers.

Your Donation Can Help

There’s a role that you can play in helping children in Ohio to live safe, happy, and healthy lives. As an individual or business donor, your support can pay for important programs in your local community — or throughout Ohio.

Some ways your donation can help include:

  • Paying for training programs for professionals who work with families
  • Paying for parenting classes where parents and other caregivers can learn how to manage being overwhelmed and find a support network
  • Paying for supplies for programs that support the social and emotional development of children

Learn more about how your donation can make an important difference to the life of an Ohio child.