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Family Success Stories

One of the most important goals we have at the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund is to help families be successful and strong. We do this by providing support for parents in a variety of ways — from the articles on this website to the local events and programs funded by our Regional Prevention Councils and statewide grant partners.

We’re proud of the ways we support families in Ohio — and of the success stories that have been told because of the programs and services we fund. These are just a couple of examples of family success stories because of the Trust Fund.

Judy’s Story

Judy is a single mom of two preschool-aged boys, one of whom has special needs. Judy was overwhelmed by the demands of work and running a household. She also felt like a failed parent because her boys had behavioral problems and would often be loud and overly active.

Judy attended a parent training class and said she was inspired by other parents who had similar challenges. These parents shared with Judy how they were handling their situations — tips that made a lot of difference for her.

During the training class, professionals presented topics on how to find resources. Judy was also able to gain invaluable skills on how to stay on top of appointments and plan her family’s busy schedule.

By connecting with the other parents at the training, Judy was able to both get reinforcement for the new skills she was learning and to trade childcare with her new network of friends to get respite. The other parents also helped Judy recognize that she was not alone in her situation.

After the training, Judy put her new skills to work and started to feel less overwhelmed. She said she noticed immediately that when she was calmer, her boys were calmer — which made everything easier to manage.

Judy continues to attend parenting classes where she can interact with other parents and continue to build and reinforce her skills. She is also more confident that she understands her son’s diagnosis and how to be an advocate for him and for her household.  

LaTonya’s Story 

LaTonya is a married mother of three. Sometimes, the relationships between her children could be challenging and made her feel overwhelmed as a mom.

She started taking parenting classes through an educational resource center when her daughter was very young and has learned a lot about child development. She said she uses the information with each stage for each child.

While she learns a lot from the instructors, LaTonya also loves being around the other moms in the classes who have children the same ages as hers. They relate to each other, as they’re all dealing with the same things. She said some of the best advice she gets comes from other moms.

Because of the techniques LaTonya has learned, her older son has a much better relationship with his siblings and has even become a role model for his younger sister. LaTonya wants to continue taking parenting classes. She said that they keep giving her new ideas that work for each of her children, as they are all different at each developmental stage.

Help Us Strengthen Ohio Families

Every family who tells a success story because of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund means one more family where children are growing up with healthy relationships and safe environments. Our mission is for every child in Ohio to have that same opportunity.

If you want to help make an impact, please consider donating to the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund. Your donation can help support programs and services like the parenting classes that helped Judy and LaTonya — and much more. Learn more about how your donation can help.