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How to Make Healthy Eating a Family Affair

Deciding what to make for dinner or pack for lunch is a weekly chore for many parents, especially when you’re trying to stay healthy. So why not turn this chore into a fun and educational project with your children? Below are three ways to make mealtime a fun family activity this summer, with options ranging from finding a farmers’ market in your neighborhood to trying out kid-friendly recipes.

Local farmers’ markets are a field trip

Farmers’ markets are a great way to find fresh, affordable produce grown right in your community. And with bright colors, hand-written signs, and a free berry sample (or two), these markets can be an exciting exploration for your children. Luckily, Ohio has many great farmers’ markets throughout the summer and into the fall. To find a farmers’ market in your neighborhood, check out this handy search tool from Ohio Proud.

Kid-friendly recipes can feed the whole family

Cooking even the simplest meals with your kids is a great way to teach them a valuable life skill – and it makes for even better bonding time. Whether your six-year-old is sprinkling cheese on a quesadilla or your 12-year-old is helping you boil water for pasta, these fun, easy, and customizable recipes are easy enough for the littlest chefs and sure to please the entire family!

Nutrition tips make learning fun

If your child has asked why breakfast is the most important meal or wondered what fiber actually is, the USDA’s Nutrition Corner is a great resource for them (and you!). With easy tips and engaging pictures about eating healthy, snacking smart, and keeping food safe by storing it properly, the Nutrition Corner can provide you and your kids with a fun learning activity that will benefit them for years to come.

Creating lasting memories in the kitchen is just one way you can create positive childhood experiences for your child. To learn more about positive childhood experiences and how you can create a safe family and community, explore our other great resources and articles here on octf.ohio.gov.