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How the Ohio Children's Trust Fund Decides What to Fund

When considering applying for funding from the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund, it’s beneficial to understand how our organization and our Board makes decisions about which programs we choose to fund.

We receive more applications each year than we can approve with a limited pool of money, so we must prioritize applications that best fulfill our purpose to prevent child abuse and neglect by strengthening Ohio families and investing in communities.

Evidence-Based Programming

We fund programs that are based on evidence and research. Evidence shows that the rationale behind a program is sound and that a program will be effective. In turn, that can tell the Trust Fund that we’re investing public and donated dollars wisely when we choose to fund a program.

How Grant Awards are Prioritized

In addition to looking for evidence to support a program, the Trust Fund prioritizes funding for:

  • Prevention services that address a need in a community as it relates to primary and secondary child abuse and neglect prevention.
  • Prevention services that have child abuse and neglect prevention outcomes.
  • Prevention services that address at least two of the five Strengthening Families Framework protective factors.
  • Prevention services that have statewide significance.
  • Prevention services that can be sustained without Trust Fund support in the long-term.

These types of programs are in line with our mission and we believe are effective ways to promote the health and safety of children and build strong family bonds.

However, the Board’s priorities can change annually and programs that were funded in the past may no longer be chosen for funding in a current year. It’s important to carefully review our current grant opportunities and our tips for successful grant applications to ensure your best chance of receiving funding for your program or project.

Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities for a child abuse and neglect prevention program may be available through one of our eight Regional Prevention Councils. We have quarterly statewide opportunities, as well as grant opportunities for start-up funding for Children’s Advocacy Centers.

You can also read about some of our past success stories to learn more about the types of programs that have captured our hearts and imaginations at the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund — and that have been effective in changing the lives of children.