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Regional Council Members — How to Apply

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund recognizes the importance of utilizing the guidance and partnership of local community members and child abuse and child neglect prevention experts in pursuit of its mission.

Regional Child Abuse and Child Neglect Prevention Specialists are experts in the fields of child welfare, child abuse and child neglect prevention, mental health, developmental disabilities, juvenile justice, health care, education, and addiction who serve as voting council members on the Regional Child Abuse and Child Neglect Prevention Council. They also may be parents or members of the faith-based community.

Their expertise helps with guiding the councils’ work, identifying the needs of families in their regions, and determining programs and services to address those needs.

How to Become a Regional Council Member

There are two ways to become a Regional Prevention Council member.

One is to be appointed by the County Commissioners in your county. Each county in the region — through its county commissioners — may appoint two council members, known as county prevention specialists, for two-year terms.

The second way to become a council member is to be appointed directly by the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund Board. The Trust Fund Board may appoint additional members to Regional Prevention Councils to serve three-year terms. These council members do not represent one individual county, but rather serve as at-large members on the Regional Prevention Councils.

Any Regional Prevention Council member can serve two consecutive terms.

Council Member Requirements

Once appointed to a Regional Prevention Council, the duties of members include:

  • Attending council meetings
  • Serving on at least one workgroup
  • Helping to develop the needs assessments
  • Collaborating on the regional prevention plan
  • Ensuring that service providers’ deliverables and outcomes are met
  • Reviewing data collected by services providers pertaining to programming

How to Apply

If you are interested in serving as a County Commissioner appointee, and there is a vacancy in your county, please work with your County Commissioners regarding your interest in serving on the Regional Prevention Council.

If you are interested in serving as an OCTF Board appointee, please download and complete the application form.