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Strategic Plan

The Ohio Children’s Trust Fund believes it’s important to have a vision and a plan for the future. We also believe it’s important to periodically evaluate our strengths and our opportunities for growth. So every few years, we take a hard look at every aspect of what we do — and what we could do for Ohio families — and create a new roadmap for the future of the Trust Fund.

This strategic plan helps us to be efficient in how our agency is run, ways we’re having an effective impact on the lives and health of Ohio children, and how we can be even better in the future.

Our current strategic plan is for 2022 to 2027 and includes a new vision for the Trust Fund. The six priority areas we established support and expand our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect, strengthen Ohio families, and invest in communities.

Goals of the Current Strategic Plan

By 2027, the Trust Fund plans to:

  1. Bring together system-wide partners to develop a vision for child abuse and neglect prevention in Ohio.
  2. Focus on enhancing organizational capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  3. Set an intentional focus and commitment to race equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  4. Meaningfully support families in their homes and communities.
  5. Increase Ohio Children's Trust Fund visibility and impact.
  6. Promote meaningful parent leadership in Regional Prevention Councils.

How You Can Support Our Vision

If you’re as excited about our future as we are, there are a few ways you can support the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund.

  • Donate — Your donation can support crucial activities that help families and programs in your local community.
  • Partner — If you are a business owner or corporate executive, we’d love to discuss a partnership with you on a program to raise awareness about child health and safety or providing support to parents and caregivers. Contact us today.
  • Volunteer — If you’d like to give your time, explore ways that you can volunteer with the Trust Fund.